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Guest Information

Dress Code


Proper attire is required in the restaurant facilities at all times. Hats or caps, tee shirts, swimwear, exercise or workout clothes are not permitted in the Grille Room, Dining Room and Living Room or Bar. Golf and casual attire is acceptable at lunch and dinner. Golf spikes, including "soft spikes" golf shoes are not permitted.

Special Events or Functions

  • Cocktail Attire: gentlemen must wear jackets and ties.
  • Jackets Required: gentlemen must wear jackets; ties not required.
  • Elegant Casual: long pants and collared shirts are required for gentlemen; however, jeans, shorts, golf shirts, tennis attire or similar active sportswear are never permitted for anyone.
  • Casual Attire: Jeans and shorts are permitted; however tank tops, sweatshirts and swimwear are never allowed.


The dress code applies on the golf course and to all practice facilities.

The Club and facilities are "spikeless" and metal cleats of any kind are not permitted. Sandals are not permitted at practice facilities.

Suitable attire for men and boys includes: slacks or Bermuda length shorts (a maximum of 3” above the knee), shirts for men and boys must have a collar and are to be worn tucked in.

Suitable attire for women and girls includes: golf skirts, slacks or Bermuda length shorts. Women’s golf shirts may be either collarless with sleeves or sleeveless with collars.

Running shorts, tennis shorts, tank tops, T-shirts and jeans are not permitted either on the golf course or on the driving range or any other practice facility.


Proper tennis attire is required at all times. Proper tennis attire includes anything designated as such in a tennis pro shop and is required of all players, regardless of age, gender, guest or visitor status. Sloganed shirts, shirts with lettering of large or bold face, tee shirts (not specifically manufactured for tennis), gym shorts and sweatpants are not allowed. Only tennis sneakers are permitted. Black soled (marking) shoes are not acceptable.



No tipping or gratuities of any kind to any employee is permitted under any circumstances. This applies to all personnel regardless of whether they are employed by the Club or on contract to the Club on the Golf Course, Pool, Tennis facility, Car Parkers or in any other Clubhouse facility. This rule does not apply, however, to the tipping of caddies (who, for clarity, are not employees or on contract to the Club).


Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse, at the pool area, tennis facilities and outside dining venues.